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Why shoot a turkey if you can just tackle it?

A few weeks ago I got a letter from one of my readers. Robert J. Brown of Rosedale, W.Va., is obviously a pretty spry 78-year-old. He tells in the letter how he managed, on two separate occasions several years apart, to catch a wild turkey. Not kill, catch. Here’s Mr. Brown’s letter:

Mr. McCoy,
I would like to know how many wild turkeys have been caught on the ground by hand. I have caught two in my lifetime.
Several years ago, a flock was trying to get through a woven wire fence and I cornered one in the corner of the fence.
About a month ago, I went up the hill on my tractor to check my cattle and saw a turkey trying to get through the fence. They usually fly over the fence or run along it. [This one would] back off and keep lunging to get through the same place.
I am 78 years old and don’t get around too good, but was able to get off the tractor and get hold of [the turkey].
I am not much of a hunter and don’t hunt anymore, and I don’t remember if I ever did kill a turkey with a gun.

That’s OK, Mr. Brown. You seem to do just fine without a gun.