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A season’s greeting

I sure hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and a happy holiday season.

It’s nice to be back after a couple of days away. Funny thing about blogging — once you get into the rhythm of posting every day, taking a day or two off feels kind of funny.

So here we are, with the year winding down. And what a year it has been! This year, you kind folks visited the Woods & Waters blog more than 300,000 times. That’s more visits than in the first three years of the blog combined.

The number of comments grew sharply, too. That’s also a credit to you readers. It’s clear that you care passionately about outdoors-related subjects, and you’re willing to share your passion with others. I like it when readers comment; it helps us all to learn. As brilliant (cough, cough) as I try to make my posts, you improve them when you bring different points of view to them in your comments.

Thanks again for helping to make Woods & Waters a well-read blog.