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Father and son shot in separate hunting incidents

Remind me never to go pheasant hunting on public land in New Jersey.

From the Associated Press, this story about a father and son who were shot on the same day in separate incidents while on a pheasant hunt:

JACKSON, N.J. (AP) — State officials say a New Jersey man and his adult son were wounded in a pheasant hunting accident this weekend, then shot a second time while they were discussing the first mishap with authorities
Both shootings occurred Saturday morning in the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management area in Jackson. The first shooting involved a single hunter who fled the scene, while the second involved a group of other hunters.
The victims — identified only as two Jackson residents, ages 60 and 34 — each had pellet wounds to their face and hands, but the injuries were not considered serious.
A state wildlife conservation officer was also hit during the second shooting, but did not require medical treatment.
No charges have been filed. But authorities said both shootings remained under investigation Sunday.