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Remembering a slain game warden

WCO David Grove (PGC photo)

A year after Pennsylvania Wildlife Conservation Officer David Grove was killed while making an arrest, folks in Pennsylvania are pausing to remember the young officer.

The Waynesburg Record Herald did a good job updating the story.

One of the things I find most interesting is that Grove’s alleged assailant, 28-year-old Christopher Johnson of Fairfield, Pa., has not yet been tried. According to the story in the Record Herald, Johnson’s lawyer has been filing one pre-trial motion after another, effectively delaying his client’s day in court.

This is a West Virginia-focused blog, but I too want to keep Grove’s memory alive. Call them what you want — conservation officers, game wardens, natural resources police officers — but those guys have tough, tough jobs. They work long hours for meager pay, and despite this most of them remain dedicated to their profession. Hats off to WCO Grove and to all the men and women who try to keep the woods safe for law-abiding sportsmen.