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This guy gives hunting a bad name


If there is justice in this world, Jeff Foiles will never hunt again.

He’s already given hunting a couple of big, shiny black eyes. He shouldn’t get the opportunity to further besmirch the reputation of an otherwise honorable pastime.

The latest black eye came Wednesday, when Foiles, an Illinois hunting guide who produces commercial waterfowl-hunting videos under the “Fallin’ Skies” brand, pleaded guilty to 10 counts, some cruelty-related, in an Edmonton, Canada, court. This Winnipeg Free Press story has the disgusting details of some of Foiles’ violations.

Earlier this summer, Foiles pleaded guilty on U.S. federal charges on illegal sales of wildlife and falsification of records. He faces up to 13 months in jail and a $100,000 fine on those charges. In addition, he admitted to a slew of other violations that included shooting more than the legal limit of ducks on at least 15 occasions. Details are here, in the Springfield Journal-Register.

No word on how long he might lose his hunting privileges. But if I were a judge and it were within my power, I’d ban this bad egg permanently.