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Is that a tortoise in your pants, or….

Trouser snakes — and tortoises (TSA photo)

An unidentified airline passenger certainly wasn’t happy to see the Transportation Safety Administration agents who arrested him for trying to smuggle seven exotic snakes and three tortoises out of the country in his underwear.

From the Associated Press:

MIAMI (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration says a man tried to board a flight from Miami to Brazil with nylon bags filled with exotic snakes and tortoises hidden in his pants.
TSA spokesman Jonathon Allen says the man was stopped after passing through a body scanner at Miami International Airport last Thursday. Security officials spotted the nylon bags filled with seven snakes and three tortoises stuffed inside the man’s pants.
The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports the animals were taken by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. The unidentified passenger was arrested.