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Feds investigate Gibson for Lacey Act violations

This post has nothing to do with hunting or fishing, but instead deals with conservation. So here goes:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shut down the Gibson Guitars plant in Nashville Wednesday and searched for evidence that Gibson officials had violated the Lacey Act.

Most of us hunters and anglers recognize the Lacey Act as the federal law that prevents illegally taken wildlife from being taken across state lines. Apparently the law applies to wood, too, because that’s what the feds were investigating at Gibson.

Apparently some Indian ebony fretboard blanks the company had imported were mislabeled as veneer sheets. Other alleged violations were investigated as well. Gibson’s CEO said the lost day of production cost the company an estimated $1 million, and vowed to resume production even though the company might face penalties for doing so.

The full story is here, in the Tennessean.