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A hard-time sentence for deer poaching

You poach, you lose

An Oregon judge has figured out how to keep two convicted deer poachers out of the woods. For the next four years, 60-year-old Rory Donoho and his son — 37-year-old Shane Donoho — will spend the deer season in jail. They’ll also have to pay $62,000 in restistution to the state, and will be barred from hunting for life.

If the sentences seem harsh, consider that the two pleaded guilty to more than 130 poaching-related charges. Between them, they admitted to killing more than 300 deer during the past five years.

Their four annual 90-day sentences will begin Oct. 1, the first day of Oregon’s deer season. For a poacher, spending deer season in jail has to be the very definition of hard time. Kudos to the judge for handing down such a clever and creative sentence.

The full story is here, in the Eugene Register-Guard.

Hat tip: J.R. Absher in The Outdoor Pressroom.