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Collegiate fishing names All-America team

Let’s hear it for college bass-fishing teams!

The big-money sports of football and basketball have become almost boring in their homogeneity. Each year, the same old teams seem to head up the polls, the same old teams end up in the bowl games, and the same old teams end up in the Elite Eight and Final Four.

There are exceptions, of course. Cinderella shows up from time to time, but her coach usually turns back into a pumpkin before the champion gets crowned at midnight.

That’s why collegiate fishing is such a breath of fresh air. This year’s FLW Collegiate Fishing All-America team contains anglers from some of the usual suspects — Auburn, Florida, N.C. State, Indiana — but it also contains representatives from Chico (Calif) State, Lamar University, LSU-Shreveport, Wisconsin-Stout, Cal-San Luis Obispo  and Christopher Newport University.

A complete list of the honorees, as named by FLW Outdoors Magazine,  is here.