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Kalashnikov AK-47

It wasn’t the gun that got Kyle Edwards in trouble. It was when and how he used it.

Edwards, 21, of Tampa, Fla., purchased a semi-automatic AK-47 at a gun show and apparently was eager to try it out.

Did he set up a paper target to test the rifle’s accuracy? Nooooooo. According to investigators for the state wildlife commission, Edwards went out and shot an alligator and a deer — both out of season.

He might have gotten away with the illegal kills had he not posted pictures of them on Facebook.

The St. Petersburg Times has the amusing details.

Somewhere in Russia, Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47,  is spinning in his grave — no doubt chagrined that someone so utterly idiotic had gotten hold of one of his rifles.

UPDATE: OOPS! I should have said “Kalashnikov would be spinning in his grave — if he weren’t still alive.” Seems that ol’ Mikhail, a tank sergeant in the Soviet Army during World War II, hasn’t yet shuffled off this mortal coil. My apologies to the 91-year-old Mr. Kalashnikov — and my sincere thanks to alert reader Glenn for pointing out the gaffe.