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Girl, 9, killed in hunting accident

When the news is bad, being a reporter really stinks.

What with Monday’s tornado tragedy in Joplin, Mo., I didn’t think the news could get much worse. Then I read that a 9-year-old Texas girl had been shot and killed in a tragic hunting accident.

Note the language. Usually when I describe a hunting-related shooting, I use the word “incident.” That’s because I consider most shootings, however unintended they might be, to be avoidable.

In this case, though, “accident” better fits what happened.

Police say Soren Dahlstrom of Anton, Tex., was hunting with her grandfather, Peter Dahlstrom, when a rabbit flushed and the grandfather raised his .22-caliber rifle to shoot. Just as he pulled the trigger, Soren moved into the line of fire. She died later at a local hospital.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal has a more detailed account.

I can’t possibly imagine how the grandfather must feel.  Tragic. Simply tragic.