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More on that record-breaking Pa. black bear

David Price and his 879-pound bruin

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials apparently are convinced that the 879-pound black bear killed last week in Pike County was taken legitimately.

An Associated Press report quoted PGC spokesman Jerry Feaser, who said bowhunter David Price did nothing illegal when he killed the animal.

The report also noted, however, that the bear was essentially tame. Employees of the nearby Fernwood Resort routinely fed the bear, which they had nicknamed “Bozo.” Resort groundskeeper Leroy Lewis said he began feeding the bear 17 years ago when it was a cub.

PGC officials had issued Lewis a warning in September for feeding the bear, which is illegal in the Keystone State. Feaser said bears fed by humans can end up creating a public nuisance.

The negative publicity surrounding the kill — some of it legitimate and some of it unfounded — has soured the experience for Price. He told the Pocono Record that the experience that should have been the pinnacle of his hunting career had been tainted.