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Remington makes 10 millionth Model 870

wingmaster.jpgHow does a firearm become an icon?

Well, it certainly helps to have 10 million of them in the hands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts around the world. In a full-page ad published today in USA Today, Remington Arms Co. annouced the manufacture of its 10 millionth Model 870 pump-action shotgun. Long renowned for reliability, the 870 is the best-selling shotgun model of all time.

I have a great fondness for things that work. That’s why I own three Model 870s.

In its USA Today ad, Remington also announced a “10 millionth Model 870 Shotgun Sweepstakes.” Entries will be accepted from now to Dec. 31. Anyone 18 years or older can enter by clicking here and following the directions. Ten entrants will be chosen to receive 870s of their own.