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Now THAT’s a well-armed fishing guide!

deadbear.jpgAlaskan fishing guides often carry sidearms to protect against potential grizzly or brown bear attacks.

Carrying the pistols becomes second nature. I’m sure Greg Brush is glad he was used to carrying his. On Aug. 2, as he walked his dogs near his Soldotna home, Brush shot and killed a charging 900-pound brown bear with what he calls “a pure luck shot.”

Brush didn’t know the bear was there until it was almost upon him. In a flash, he drew his revolver and fired two or three times. One of the shots dropped the bruin in its tracks.

It didn’t hurt that Brush was carrying a Ruger .454 Casull, one of the most powerful handguns made. Note to self: If you ever go salmon fishing in the Soldotna area, you’ll at least know Brush has the firepower to protect you.

The Anchorage Daily News has the complete story.

Hat tip: J.R. Absher in The Outdoor Pressroom.