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Bill Nye and the science of choice


I thought it might be interesting and appropriate, in view of the fact that celebrated science speaker Bill Nye is set to visit Charleston in November, to point  to his explanation of everything that is wrong with trying to attack women’s health services.

Nye is well-known for his no-nonsense approach to a variety of hot button topics, ranging from global warming to evolution, but since this blog is about health, and since the support for some women’s health organizations has been called into question in recent weeks, I thought this video was particularly interesting.

“Nobody likes abortion,” Nye says in the video. “But you can’t tell somebody what to do.”

I don’t know whether there will be any sort of question-and-answer period following Nye’s talk, but I’d love to hear more from him on the topic ( maybe I can sneak in, since I missed out on getting a ticket.)

Speaking of women’s health — the Planned Parenthood Clinic that West Virginia Speaker of the House Tim Armstead hopes to divert funding for serves roughly 1,000 a year who, because of the level of access in Wood County and because of the types of patients PP normally sees, would likely end up at the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. Dr. Drema Mace, the health officer for the health department, said the agency would likely be able to absorb those patients “with a little lead time.” She didn’t elaborate on whether expanding family planning services would cut into the time or resources for other services offered at the department, but it looks like the PP clinic in Vienna may have to survive on its own merit.