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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – For the first time, The Journal of Neuroscience cover on Aug. 7 will feature an image taken from an animated video. The video is hosted on The Journal’s website and was created by a team of researchers from the West Virginia University Center for Neuroscience.

This cover is the first in a series of three that will feature videos from the study “Synaptic Inputs Compete During Rapid Formation of the Calyx of Held: a New Model System for Neural Development,” which was co-authored by researchers from WVU and the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) and led by George A. Spirou, Ph.D., director of the WVU Center for Neuroscience. Paul Holcomb, a neurobiology graduate student in the Spirou lab, is the study’s first author.

The first video shows nanoscale-resolution images from serial block-face scanning electron microscopy (SBEM) of the developing auditory brainstem during the first few days of mouse development. SBEM is new technology that permits visualizing the wiring of the brain in 3D with resolution of several nanometers, or about the size of a protein molecule. One single image volume can require up to 2 TB of computer storage space; new data sets that will each be at least triple this size are currently being collected by Dr. Spirou’s group using the microscopes at UCSD.

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HUNTINGTON, WV – Cabell Huntington Hospital Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Hoyt J. Burdick, MD, FACHE recently served as one of three panelists at a national forum discussion for healthcare leaders and physician executives from across the country.

Dr. Burdick was selected as a charter member of the newly formed Physician Executive Forum Committee of the American College of Physician Executives. The forum discussion took place earlier in August in New York City and brought together healthcare leaders and physician executives for a high-level educational opportunity. Dr. Burdick served on the panel discussing the effective collaboration between physician and non-clinical leaders to achieve goals for healthcare organizations.

Dr. Burdick is also currently serving as president of the West Virginia State Medical Association. In his role at Cabell Huntington Hospital, Dr. Burdick oversees performance improvement and patient safety, infection prevention, regulatory compliance, medical staff peer review, credentialing, medical informatics, emergency physicians and supervision of physician medical directors.

Cabell Huntington Hospital is a 303-bed academic medical center located in Huntington, West Virginia. Cabell Huntington cares for patients from more than 29 counties throughout West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. Opened in 1956, it is a teaching hospital and is affiliated with Marshall University Schools of Medicine and Nursing.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Little General Stores Inc. along with British Petroleum (BP) has donated $6,000 to the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Endowment at the WVU Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center. WVU men’s basketball Coach Bob Huggins established the fund in memory of his mother, who died of cancer.

Little General applied for a $12,000 grant from BP’s Fueling Communities Program to benefit two charities – the Huggins Cancer Research Endowment and Toys for Tots. The program provides grants to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food and housing.  This is the second consecutive year that Little General has received a BP grant to split evenly between cancer research and Toys for Tots, pushing the total amount donated thus far for cancer research at WVU to $12,250.

“Little General is proud to be able to support the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Endowment Fund at the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center. There are many people affected by cancer in the communities across West Virginia. We are committed to the fight against cancer and plan to keep going and do even more good in supporting this cause dear to West Virginians,” Greg Darby, president of Little General Stores Inc., said.

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Andrea Armstead, a Ph.D. student in the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy’s Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences program, is researching ways to protect the health of workers in the mining and drilling industries and recently received a fellowship-award renewal to further her education and research.

Armstead was awarded an American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) 2013 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Science. The AFPE Fellowship is awarded to outstanding pre-doctoral students nationwide, who have completed at least three years of graduate study, to encourage them to continue their pursuit of pharmaceutical sciences.

Armstead first received the fellowship in 2012 to investigate how particles of tungsten carbide cobalt can enter cells and damage them. Her nanoparticle toxicity research over the past year focused on testing the effects of particle size, concentration and lengths of exposure time on lung epithelial cells.

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