On Wellness in WV

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Twenty-five years ago, it might have sounded like part of a science fiction plot – operating on a patient with remotely controlled, robotic arms or using a 20-ton medical instrument that emits more than 200 radiation beams at a precise location.

Minimally invasive treatments, computerized robotic tools and advanced diagnostic capabilities have all revolutionized medical care at Ruby Memorial Hospital and positioned WVU Healthcare to remain a leader for the state of West Virginia.

Gamma Knife is one of the minimally invasive surgical tools that has transformed the treatment of benign and malignant tumors, facial pain and brain disorders. Ruby Memorial Hospital has the only Perfexion Gamma Knife radiosurgery unit in the state of West Virginia.

Though the name may be deceiving, it’s not actually a knife, and it’s not surgery in the traditional sense. Without the risks of open surgery or an incision, this 20-ton medical instrument emits 201 finely focused beams of gamma radiation at the precise location of the brain disorder and treats it with minimal effect on surrounding normal tissue.

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