On Wellness in WV

This article came out a week or so ago, but it has some interesting information on life expectancy. There have been other reports with similar conclusions: McDowell County has some low life expectancies.

From the piece:

“In some counties, such as McDowell County, WV and Sunflower County, MS, life expectancies are lower than Bangladesh for males and Algeria for females.”

Females were second from the bottom (only above Perry, Kentucky) in McDowell, WV. Life expectancy is at 72.9. Compare that to the top – Marin, California at 85.02.

Males don’t fare any better. McDowell, WV is at the very bottom for life expectancy for males – 63.9.

The article offers readers this:

“The complete failure by some communities to increase life expectancy from levels seen now in very poor countries likely has many distal and proximate causes. But most importantly, this slow progress should be viewed as a call for action to improve health and reduce inequalities in the US.”

Why is this? Poor working conditions? Diet? Health issues? Combination of all three?