The Food Guy, Steven Keith Eating his way through the state, plate by plate

Appalachian Food Photos Could Win You a Getaway

We ALL love looking at food porn. (C’mon, you can admit it. You’re not “reading it” for the recipes.)

There’s just something undeniably addictive about staring at gorgeous photos of delicious food – mouth gaping open and watering, eyes glazed over, tummy rumbling.

But how good are you at TAKING those scandalously scrumptious images? If you fancy yourself quite the food photographer, your skills could help you walk away with a mountain getaway!

“The Revivalist: Word from the Appalachian South” blog is sponsoring a food photo contest, Appalachian Appetite, that is looking for great images capturing anyone who loves growing, cooking and sharing food. The grand prize is a two-night getaway at the historic Mast Farm Inn. Nestled in the secluded Valley Crucis, the inn boasts an award-winning restaurant, nearby shops and all the outdoor activities you could ever want. Two runners-up win one-year subscriptions to regional magazine Smoky Mountain Living, which celebrates life throughout the Southern Appalachians. The magazine will also showcase the three top-voted photos in an upcoming issue.

What kind of photos are acceptable?

“Shots from your garden – yes. That beautiful pie you baked last Thanksgiving – yup. Great-aunt Edith dropping catsup down her blouse – absolutely,” says Mark Lynn Ferguson, who founded the contest and the blog. He said as long as it’s food-related, just about any photo is fair game.

Entries don’t even need to be shot in Appalachia. They just need to appeal to The Revivalist’s readers, who are also the photo contest’s judges. Votes on the photo contest page will determine winners, now through Sept. 13.