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Go, Jennifer, Go! Garner the New Face of LYFE

LYFE Kitchen – makers of great-tasting, good-for-you food and a retail line of ready-to-eat meals – has announced that homegirl Jennifer Garner – globally acclaimed actress, philanthropist, lifestyle role model and bone fide hottie – is joining the brand as an ambassador.

Garner will serve as a charitable and strategic advisor for the company, along with being a member of LYFE Kitchen’s ambassador panel. The company hopes Garner’s high visibility will help them spread awareness to active moms and families, while furthering the brand’s commitment to practice social and environmental responsibility.

“Ms. Garner is a perfect fit for the LYFE Kitchen team, as someone with a busy, active lifestyle, and who cares about good, nutritious food,” said LYFE Kitchen Founder and Retail CEO, Stephen Sidwell.

Together, they are inviting folks to join them on a nationwide movement to “TASTE LYFE,” a pledge to live a healthy, active lifestyle, which includes good, nutritious food. LYFE is an acronym for “Love Your Food Everyday,” but the company’s goals go beyond providing great-tasting food. The brand embodies a lifestyle represented by three core pillars – “Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good” – and encourages others to do the same.

“We admire Jennifer’s cause-related initiatives with her charity work, and we look forward to using her expertise as LYFE Kitchen grows the ‘Do Good’ pillar,” Sidwell said, in making the announcement this week.

Check out this video to hear Jennifer talk about the new initiative. Go, Jen, go!



Biting into the Governor’s Homegrown Tomato

So I had this tomato.

Not just any tomato, but a GINORMOUS one.

Tomblin's tomato
Tomblin’s tomato

And not just any ginormous one, but one homegrown and hand-picked by the governor himself.

As West Virginia’s Earl Ray Tomblin gave me a tour of his Governor’s Mansion garden recently (check out the full story here), we were marveling at the height of the tomato stalks rising before us. Then he reaches over and picks one to give us a closer look at some of the bounty he’s been enjoying on the dinner table this summer.

This thing was a beauty! Plump, red and nearly bursting at the seams.

I felt a little guilty when he offered it to me, but snatched it from his hands nonetheless. Journalistic ethics be damned.

Then it sat in my kitchen a few days while I debated how to make the most of it. It seemed wasteful to chop it up into a sauce, bury it on a sandwich or toss it into a salad where its righteousness would be compromised by the ingredients alongside it.

So that left me with only one choice. I bit into that beast like an apple, letting its juices drip down my chin.

Then I sprinkled on a bit of salt and did the exact same thing again and again.

Wild & Wonderful!

A stroll through the governor's garden
Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin takes The Food Guy on a stroll through his garden.

BBQ Survey: We Love It With Chicken in Texas

     As backyard grills are getting a workout this weekend celebrating (lamenting?) the end of summer, the folks at commissioned a survey  to settle American’s barbecue debate once and for all.
     That survey uncovered some interesting trends about America’s obsession with all things BBQ, including our views on the most “all-American” foods.
     A whopping 84% said they plan to enjoy some sweet ‘n’ tangy barbecue at some point over this Labor Day weekend. But surprising to me, chicken beat out pork (39% to 30%) as their barbecued meat of choice, followed by beef at just 26%.
     Putting the whole South vs. Southwest turf war to rest, America chose Texas as the best barbecue destination (43%) beating out Memphis (24%) and North Carolina (15%).
     Additional findings …
  • When  it comes to what consumers consider the  most all-American food, apple pie took the crown with 28% of the  vote, followed by hamburgers, hot dogs and barbecue at 25%, 20% and 17% respectively.
  • Four  in 10 Americans believe slow-smoked is the one true way to cook great  barbecue. (Well duh.)
  • And 91% said they either “love or like” barbecue. (Double duh. What’s not to love?!)


The AmazonLocal Barbecue Survey was conducted online online and reached a national sample of  1,050 American adults ages 18 and older. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%, with a 95% confidence level.