The Food Guy, Steven Keith Eating his way through the state, plate by plate

Today is “National Donut Day,” which should be cause for celebration but is actually a day of mourning for Charlestonians. Turns out the nation’s most popular donut is no longer available in town.

According to Yahoo! (pronounced Ya-WHOOOOOOOO!), Dunkin Donuts is the most-searched donut shop in America. But unless someone can prove otherwise, I don’t know of a Dunkin’ Donut shop that exists in the Kanawha Valley anymore. Anyone?

We can rejoice in the news that the county’s second most-popular donut shop, Krispy Kreme, is well-represented at its South Charleston Riverwalk shop and countless grocery stores, gas stations and more around the valley. (Donuts rounding out the top 10 are mostly from the Midwest and West Coast, except for Sublime Donuts in Atlanta and Shipley’s Do-Nuts in the South.)

So if you’re driving along MacCorkle Avenue SW today and just happen to see Krispy Kreme’s red “HOT DONUTS NOW” sign calling your name, give in to the temptation. It’s a holiday!