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Chug-A-Lug, Then Chug Some More

This Double-Big-Gulp, Super-Sized, Triple-Venti drink trend has gotten TOTALLY out of hand.

Before my wife (mostly) kicked a recent crippling Diet Coke habit, I used to make fun of her for walking out of the 7-11 with a vat of soda in her hand. I mean, really, can you be THAT thirsty? Heard of water?

And although a recent bump of corporate guilt-driven downsizing shrank dranks for a while, it looks like those ounces are starting to creep back in. Take a look at this motley crew of the most-searched jumbo drinks on Yahoo:

Top searched XL Drinks on Yahoo!

1.       KFC Mega Jug (64 oz.)

2.       Sonic Route (44 oz.)

3.       7 Eleven Big Gulp (44-40 oz.)

4.       Dunkin Donuts Coolatta (32 oz.)

5.       Gatorade Thirst Quencher (32 oz.)

6.       Starbucks Trenta (31 oz.)

7.       Jamba Juice Power (30 oz.)

8.       Monster Energy Drink (24 oz.)

A 64-ounce soda and a 31-ounce coffee. Seriously?