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I know the song goes “bring us some FIGGY pudding” — and Christmas has passed anyway — but you gotta hear about this …

A good friend just sent me a gift of Sticky Toffee Pudding made by The Crazy Baker (Hall Hitzig) of Greenbrier County. If you’re  not familiar with Hall, you should be. He’s a great guy who turns out some really fantastic, rustic, European baked specialties from his small bakery in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley. You should try his creations every chance you get …

I do (and sent several of his incredible panfortes to co-workers this Christmas) but have never tried the Sticky Pudding. In describing this dandy dessert, his website ( says “Bring out the exclamations!” Truer words have never been spoken.

Essentially a dense, dark bread pudding drenched in hot toffee sauce, it’s a soul-satisfying end to any meal. Or, as I discovered today, a darn good breakfast too. You take a bite, sigh and savor before digging in for  more.

The site goes on to say: “The Crazy Baker has a treat guaranteed to satisfy your desire for a high-quality dessert and bring a bit of England to you at the same time. In England, pudding refers to dessert. In this case, the pudding is a yummy date cake served with an unbelievable hot toffee sauce poured over it.”

A few spoonfuls of this rich sauce alone could kill you dead. But what a way to go!