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Highlight on New Blossom Deli Menu is a Real Killer

If you missed my review of the newly revived Blossom Deli in today’s Daily Mail, well, shame on you. But you can still check it out here:

In the story, you’ll notice that I wrote about an unbelievable sandwich that’s now offered on the menu. Here’s what I said:

“There’s also this frighteningly intriguing new creation called “The C-A-B-G.” You can’t make this stuff up, so in the menu’s own words …

“Only a select few truly know what it stands for, so please keep it to yourself. All you need to know is that after only one bite your heart will literally skip a beat. We begin with a classic Blossom grilled cheese on Texas toast, any style you like. Next, we top it with four Buzz Buttered Steaks, Applewood bacon, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, mustard and mayo before we finish construction with another Blossom grilled cheese on top.”

As if four burgers stacked between two grilled cheeses weren’t enough, you can also “double” or “triple” it for a few bucks more.

Is this some kind of joke? The C-A-B-G must stand for Calling All Big Guys. Or Croak At (Once) By God.

But wait, there’s more!

One of the new owners, Jim Nester, wrote in to say: “I have to say you’re stab at the CABG acronym made me laugh out loud…you should hear some of the guesses we’ve had.  You did forget that it has a fried egg and slices of thick bacon 😉   While we expected to sell one a week given the grandeur of the CABG, we’ve been surprised that we’ve sold at least one every day we’ve been open – including a few doubles.”

All of that and fried egg and bacon, too??!! I’m not sure if I’m horrified — or marching right down there tomorrow to get one!