Favorite Friday: First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream

If you’re like me, your skin is far from perfect.

My forehead is an oily slip-n-slide and the sides of my nose do this fun thing where they get dried, cracked and red. I get some not so fun eczema flair ups and every now and then my skin decides to be sensitive and breaks out in hives.

BUT! I have found the holy grail for those not-so-fun dry spots and eczema flair ups. Enter, First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream.

I found this magic in a bottle two years ago on a Sephora wandering trip. (Side note: I can’t possibly be the only person who walks into Sephora, sees a product and then realizes “OH, I need this!”)

First Aid Beauty has a whole line of products, including a cleanser I also swear by. But this repair cream is great. After washing my face, I put a few dabs on it with my finger and rub it in on the dry area. I let it soak in for a minute or two and go about the rest of my makeup routine.

Y’all, it has helped me immensely. With this stuff, you can’t tell I have eczema, those patched of dry skin on my hairline disappear and my face looks normal.

Adding the cleanser to it really ups my skincare game.

I don’t need to use it every day (it helps eliminate some of the problems), so the tube I bought two years ago seriously has lasted me this long. (Hence the dirty container in the picture…oops.)

I go through the cleanser much faster, but it’s amazing so I don’t mind.

Since my trip to Sephora, I’ve seen this stuff in a few places, including on Amazon.

This stuff goes with me everywhere, and I’m sure my fellow dry skin sufferers will love it just as much as I do!


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