Try It Tuesday: Mascara Primer

I thought primer for your eyelashes was a dumb idea. I mean, why add another step into your beauty routine, amiright?

But, don’t knock it until you try it. As Carlee mentioned last Tuesday, we were recently gifted a few products from Leann Ray, our news editor. She decluttered her makeup and beauty stash and gave us a few things we could try out for “research.” She gave us each a sample of Lancome’s mascara primer and we both had positive experiences from it.

I’d heard about primer for mascara but didn’t think it was worth the extra money. Basically, the primer is a formula that conditions the lashes before mascara. It helps strengthen the lashes, thicken them and make lashes appear longer, which is something every girl wants. It applies white so it looks like a fun mascara. I’ve only tried the Lancome primer so I’m not in a position to compare products but I noticed that my eyelashes seemed to separate better after using the primer. My mascara also applied easier and less clumpy. My eyelashes already are pretty long so I can never tell if mascara makes them appear longer and the primer was no different. But, I did take a nap Sunday wearing the primer under my mascara and it didn’t move. I didn’t wake up with any product around my eyes.

There are tons of mascara primers out there so try one of your favorite brands or something in your budget. I’d be curious to try the L’Oreal formula.

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