Try It Tuesday: Benefit’s Sun Beam Highlighter

Since Anna and I have started this whole Fashionably Awkward adventure, a lot of our coworkers have been super excited about it. We’ve gotten ideas from them, tips and some of them have even graciously agreed to help us film our project. But guys, I don’t think anyone has been excited/helpful as our news editor, Leann Ray.

Leann came to work one day with a big ole bag of makeup she no longer wanted/hadn’t used and just gifted it to Anna and me. (Everyone needs a coworker like that, am I right?) Leann is super knowledgeable about makeup and beauty, so she’s also given us lots of ideas and some awesome feedback.

So, in the bag of goodies she gave to us, I found something intriguing: Benefit’s Sun Beam liquid “golden bronze” highlighter.

I use Benefit’s powdered Hoola bronzer and I recently bought a Benefit brow pencil, so I knew their stuff was good quality. But liquid highlighter? That comes in a little container and is applied like nail polish?

Naturally, in the name of journalism, I decided to give it a whirl and see how it went.

I’m not really good at explaining how to put this stuff on, so enjoy this picture of me below with dots on my face so I can show you where to apply it. I apply it after I put on my foundation and concealer.


I also think it’s important to note that as I’m learning more about makeup, I’m realizing that everyone has their own personal way of doing things. Just because I put this where those stylish red dots are, doesn’t mean that’s how you HAVE to do it. Or that it’s even right (let’s be real, it’s probably not).  Find what feels good for you.  If ya wanna paint this stuff on your eyelids, go for it sister friend. I’m rooting for ya.

Anyway, once I dab the highlighter on in those places, I take a damp Beauty Blender and blend it in. And then I call it a day.

I like this stuff. It’s not too dark, and it doesn’t scream “I just painted some stuff on my face and have no clue what I’m doing!”

It gives you a nice little summer glow, which is why I like it near my eyes.

I don’t think this is something I would have purchased on my own. I have highlighter and bronzers I use pretty regularly, but this has been a fun experiment!

It’s nice to use when you’ll be outside, at an event or anywhere where you just want the side of your face you have a sun-kissed glow.

All in all, I’d say if you’re looking for that glow look, this might be worth the $26.


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