Whole30 halfway celebrations

Woahhh I’m halfway there.

All Bon Jovi jokes aside, this week I celebrated the  the halfway point in my Whole30 journey. There’s been some roses and some thorns throughout this process, but I’m actually noticing some changes that I am really excited about.

We’ll start on a positive note with my “roses.” I’ve gotten way better at turning down those pesky work treats. You know, the cookies, candies and pepperoni rolls your coworkers bring in because they are allowed to have joy in their lives/diets? I’ve gotten real good at pretending they don’t exist.

Another plus, my skin feels amazing. I don’t really have a lot of skin issues, thankfully, but I’ve noticed it’s gotten softer. Hooray!

I’ve even taken a few risks and tried some new recipes and foods I didn’t think I’d like and LOVED them. I’m finding it somewhat easier to make eating this way a part of my life now. I actually look forward to eating sweet potatoes and eggs every morning. Who.Am.I?

Oh, and I’ve lost a little more than nine pounds since starting this shindig. (Don’t tell anyone I’m cheating and weighing myself.)

So now, the “thorns.”

Guys, I miss wine. The other day I had visions about eating an entire box of Pop-Tarts. I am also tired all the time. They say that’s typical until about the 20th day. So, fingers crossed.

This “lifestyle change” is also making me realize how much of my social life revolves around food.

Don’t get me wrong, eating is a very social thing. Sharing a meal with those you love is a wonderful thing. Heck, even Jesus shared a meal with those he met with all the freaking time. But I had made it such a part of my social life I was doing it just as an excuse to hang out with people.

Oh, you want to hang out? Let’s get Starbucks.

Haven’t seen you in a while? Let’s catch up tonight at Taco Bell. The good one in South Charleston, not the *other one.*

Want help looking for your lost keys? I’ll bring the pizza, cheese sticks and soda. 

Sometimes I would eat really crappy foods even AFTER I already had dinner. All because I was hanging out with someone or (even worse) was just bored.

There’s really no doing that on the Whole30. That’s great for my health, but it’s been challenging for my social life. It’s not like it’s taken a huge hit, and I’m really not trying to whine here.

But, when a lot of your plans with friends involve “Margarita Monday,” “Pizza and Craft Night,” late-night trips to Taco Bell because you’re bored and drive-thru Little Caesers – it’s a change.

I’m also starting to get worried. If I commit to this for all 30 days, what next? There’s guidelines for slowly reintroducing foods back into your diet, but how long can I last doing this? Should I try and do a Whole365? Is that even a thing? Should I go paleo during the week and eat whatever I want on the weekends?

I now have less than 15 days to figure this out. #Prayers.




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