Favorite Friday: The answer to all your sunburn woes

Applying your own sunscreen is hard. Sure, I can get my arms and legs, but that cute keyhole back on my shirt? Forget it.

And then, there are the times you THOUGHT you put sunscreen on a certain area, but didn’t. If you’re anything like me, that happens often. And you burn. Bad.

The “I forgot to put sunscreen there” burn is not your average burn. No, this is a burn that’s gonna require a little bit more than Walmart aloe vera to give you some relief.

Enter, Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day Soothing Gel 

After a (sunscreenless) day out in Charleston last summer, I went to Sephora the next morning with literal blisters on my shoulders. I could hardly move and the poor girl greeting me didn’t even have to ask if I needed help. She handed me a bottle of this stuff and said, “Same thing happened to my legs last week. This will help.”

I couldn’t wait, so I put it on in my car. It was that bad.

Oh my goodness did it help.

Here’s an excerpt from the Dr. Jart+ website about this stuff:

“Every Sun Day Soothing Gel contains 81 percent aloe vera extract and 10 percent cypress water, instead of purified water for an excellent soothing, hydrating, and purifying effect. It brightens dull skintone caused by UV rays, while soothing and hydrating acne-prone or irritated skin. It contains xylitol and peppermint to provide a cool and fresh feeling.”

It also has a subtle rose smell, which I love.  You only need a little bit, too. It’s not one of those gels you have to apply in heaps to reap any sort of benefit. This is great news for me because being on a budget is hard, and I don’t have extra money to just spend every time I get sunburn.

At first it can  feel a little sticky, but that goes away, I promise.  That’s what I really liked about this stuff. Other sunburn products tend to make me feel sticky and gross until it washes off. With this, in under five minutes, you’ll forget it’s there.

It really does cool your skin, and makes some pretty angry sunburns feel SO much better.

I tend to sleep on my side, so those blistered shoulders made that no bueno the first night. I was miserable, and that’s what made me head to Sephora in the first place. I applied some more of this gel before I went to bed the day I purchased it, and it worked miracles.

This stuff is a must-have this summer. You can find it at Sephora for $32.dr-jart


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