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A few weeks ago, Bustle published an article sharing readers’ list of five beauty products they use every day. It’s a part of the site’s Beauty IRL series, which I love. I wanted to share #MyEverydayFive as we launch our blog.

Before I start, let me just say that I’m a big believer of drugstore makeup. Almost all of my beauty stash consists of things you can get at Walgreens or the “high street” side at Ulta. Here’s five products I use every single day.

Micellar water. Currently, I’m using Simple’s micellar water, but my favorite is Sephora’s house brand cleansing water. I may include that in a post later, but Simple’s product is my favorite that I’ve tried at the drugstore. It’s gentle and effective, although it takes a few extra swipes to get eye makeup off.

Brow gel. Specifically, Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel. I don’t often fill my brows, which I know is a cardinal sin in the world of beauty so you’ll have to forgive me. The clear product holds my brows in place all day, leaving them looking clean and natural. I like the large spoolie because it makes the process quick and easy.

Bronzer. I am completely sold on Physician’s Formula’s Butter Bronzer. This stuff is gorgeous. It’s matte and gives me a natural and healthy glow and it smells like the beach. I’m not kidding. Scented makeup isn’t typically something I gravitate to but this bronzer really smells incredible.

Blush. Cult favorite Luminoso baked blush by Milani is a must-have. It’s a blush that looks great on any skin-tone. It’s a peachy pink that is light and natural. I wear it every day and love it.

Powder. To set my makeup lately, I’ve been using Soap and Glory’s One Heck of a Blot pressed powder. This stuff doesn’t get cakey, gives a natural-looking finish over foundation and keeps makeup in place. I usually touch up midday and then in the evening if I am going out somewhere, and it gets the job done.

What’s your everyday five?


  1. 1) mario basdescu rose water spray
    2) nyx concealer
    3) perfectly posh good as gold stick
    4) essence mascara
    5) perfectly posh two to tango hand cream

    • Thanks for sharing Sara! I’ve been meaning to try the Mario Badescu rose water spray. Do you use it as a setting spray? I know it can have different purposes for different people. I also love the Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner. 🙂 Haven’t tried Perfectly Posh but NYX and Essence have great products!

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