Extra Credit

Back-to-school photos: Part Two

Loraly and Aiden Pozzi sport new back-to-school outfits. Loraly and Aiden attend preschool and kindergarten at Clendenin Elementary.
Loraly and Aiden Pozzi sport new outfits for their first day of school at Clendenin Elementary.

Everyone likes a sequel. Let’s hope this one is more “Empire Strikes Back” than “Jaws: The Revenge.”

Sequels capitalize on the success of a first installment. In this instance, the Kanawha County back-to-school photos the Daily Mail received last week were so positively received that we want to extend it another week to include Putnam County, which started today.

So, let’s go over how you can submit your back-to-school photos to the Daily Mail.

It’s simple. You can share your photos with the Charleston Daily Mail on Facebook (be sure to click “Like” while you’re there), you can tweet them to @charleywest on Twitter or you can send them to @charleywestv on Instagram. You also can email them to sam.speciale@dailymailwv.com.

Please include names, ages, grade level and the school your child attends.

If you live in another county and would like to participate as well, please indicate which county you live in and when the first day of school is.

Like I said last week, the start of school is an exciting time, so don’t let that enthusiasm wane over the course of the year. Have a great school year Putnam County!