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WV public hearing on charter schools

At 8 a.m. on Tuesday there will be a public hearing on SB 14, a bill that would create charter schools in the state.

Senate Bill 14 was the focus of a lot of debate in the Senate and passed last Monday on a vote of 18 to 16.

Charter schools are publicly funded but privately operated and free from certain state and local regulations. While they have the freedom to set their own hiring policies, create a calendar and adopt a curriculum, they must still follow state-approved academic standards.

While charter schools are supported by many organizations for their success in improving student achievement in large suburban districts around the country, the state’s teachers unions argue it would create a disparity in public education spending and set up exclusive schools for privileged students.

Livestream below is from West Virginia Public Broadcasting. With running commentary below that from Daily Mail education writer Samuel Speciale and others:

Live Blog WV public hearing on charter schools