Extra Credit

Library to collect yard signs after election

The Kanawha County Public Library announced today that each local branch will collect and recycle campaign yard signs used to promote the library’s funding levy.

Starting Wednesday, “Loving My Library” signs can be dropped off in designated areas at each Kanawha County branch where they will be stored for reuse or be recycled.

Library supporters have distributed thousands of yard signs and brochures around the county to raise awareness for the levy, which will return the system to full funding status should it pass.

Going into today’s election, library officials are “cautiously optimistic” about the levy passing and thankful for the support of patrons through the years.

“We greatly appreciate all of the people in Kanawha County who have supported the library levy by putting signs in their yards and neighborhoods,” said Alan Engelbert, library director.

If the levy passes, annual property taxes in Kanawha County will increase by about $16 dollars for residents with homes and cars with assessed values of $100,000 and $15,000, respectively. Should voters turn down the levy, the library will face a budget shortfall of about $3 million and likely will close several branches.

The levy is on the back of the ballot with a detailed description of what it is funding.

Polls are open until 7:30 p.m.