Extra Credit

Share your back-to-school photos with the Daily Mail

Today is the first day of school for Kanawha County, and it’s bound to be an exciting year.

First, we have the opening of the new Edgewood Elementary School, which has been termed a school of the future. Employed with progressive, project-based learning, the entire county is watching and hoping this new direction will help students excel in one of the lowest-performing districts.

There’s also the pending rollout of the county’s iPad program. Teachers and principals received their devices this summer and were given the opportunity to attend training seminars to get them ready to employ technology in the classroom. Students won’t get their iPads until later in October, but school officials are already excited about the changes they are seeing.

Lastly, there are policy changes regarding the school calendar. This is the first year that the Board of Education can schedule make-up days after the scheduled last-day-of-school if the county fails to meet the mandated 180 days of in-school instruction. The new policy allows the board to schedule class until June 30. While it is unlikely to happen, the board may also cancel spring break if the required days can’t be made up in June.

With all the changes set to come this year, it’s easy to lose focus on what’s most important — the students. So, we at the Daily Mail are asking you to share your back-to-school photos with us so we can catalog them here for everyone else to see.

Students, are you happy to be reunited with friends? Snap a picture and send it our way. Parents, are you especially proud of the school supplies you were able to get for an insanely good deal? That’s a picture we want to see.

Ours is the culture where there’s a themed selfie for each day of the week. So, I’m sure you and your children have back-to-school photos on your phone that you are dying to share but not sure how best to do that.

So, here’s what you can do. Like the Charleston Daily Mail on Facebook and send us your back-to-school photos. If you have Twitter,  tweet them to @charleywest or @wvschools. You say you’ve graduated from text-based social media and prefer the uninhibitedness of Instagram? Tag @charleywestv in your post. Or, if you’re old-school like me and feel more comfortable using email, you can send them to sam.speciale@dailymailwv.com. Please include names, ages, grade level and the school your child attends.

The first day of school is always an exciting time, but let’s keep that level of enthusiasm going throughout the rest of the year.

Good luck students, and have a great school year Kanawha County!