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Find jobs, cars and houses with our new sites

Monday, June 1, 2015

Good on the Charleston Newspapers advertising department for updating and modernizing our websites meant to help readers find jobs, cars and a place to live.

IMG_2844What could be more helpful than that? (Except maybe

Within the past few months, the ad guys (also known as the guys who pay the bills) have rolled out, and Each now has scads of listings for jobs, vehicles and dwellings.

They’re practical sites that acknowledge people’s needs. And, even better, they’re all built for both desktop and smartphone. If you’re already out looking for a car or a house, the sites are there at your fingertips.

And do you need help with digital services for your own business? Charleston Newspapers has been working with Guarantee Digital to help provide those services for small- to medium-sized businesses in our community.

The advertising staff has been working hard to meet our audience’s digital needs. Good job, and let’s keep rolling.