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A visit from the digital transformation editor

Monday, July 22, 2013

Steve Buttry, the digital transformation editor for Digital First Media, is coming for a visit to our newsroom.

As I take it, digital transformation means continuing to value your loyal readers in print — but also recognizing that many people are coming to the news in new ways, including their computers, their tablets and their smart phones. We want to welcome readers who come to us in those ways, serve them and encourage them to make our news and photos a habit.

Steve has made a habit recently of visiting newsrooms with new editors. That is us!

I’m glad Steve is coming, because he has a lot of great advice. So he will be arriving Tuesday and staying through Friday, conducting some workshops and having some individual conversations with people on our staff.

Steve Buttry is making a return visit to the Charleston Daily Mail

Steve Buttry is making a return visit to the Charleston Daily Mail

Here are some topics we’ll be talking about:

  • At noon Tuesday, Steve has to hop right onto an online discussion of liveblogging on ScribbleLive, which is an online live event site. He invites you to tune in!
  • Later, we’ll be discussing Thunderdome, the news dissemination arm of Digital First Media. If you want to learn more about Thunderdome, they have their own blog.
  • We’ll also be talking about beat blogging. The Daily Mail has several beat blogs, including ones for WVU sports, Marshall sports, West Virginia state government, local government in Kanawha County, and health. We want to have them to keep you up to speed on current events more regularly and delve more deeply into topics you are interested in.
  • We’ll have a discussion of “Tout,” the quickie video app. Digital First Media is a partner with this company. It’s one that other newsrooms are finding some success in using it for 15 to 45-second videos that flow directly onto widgets on their websites. You might be familiar with similar services such as Vine or Instagram video.
  • Search engine optimization. Basically, this is creating headlines that are highly Googleable.

Anything else you think we should discuss with the digital transformation editor?