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A Top 10 front page focusing on tablets in the classroom

Monday, April 7, 2014

Congratulations to Charleston Daily Mail designers who came up with this Newseum Top 10 front page.

The Newseum often uses themes to determine its Top 10, and today’s had to do with wordplay:

The headlines in today’s Top Ten are more than a nice play on words. They made our list because they summed up the featured story in a few effective words; were clever without being too cute; and were simple without being overly simplistic.

The Daily Mail’s centerpiece focused on changing technology in classrooms. The design started with a concept by writer Samuel Speciale, who is a typography enthusiast. Graphics artist Kevin Cade got the image of the tablet ready to go. Managing editor Philip Maramba brought the centerpiece and headline together. And copy editor Samantha Ricketts brought it all home.



Remembering Sept. 11, and the Newseum’s Top 10

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Daily Mail was still an afternoon newspaper, so when the first plane hit the Twin Towers that morning, our staff jumped into action.

If you remember, no one knew what was happening at first — or how widespread the attacks were. The second plane hitting the Twin Towers and then the plane that hit the Pentagon only drove in the confusion and anxiety.

So when local reporters like me were dispatched to tall buildings, government offices, the airport, chemical plants or anywhere else we could imagine there might be an attack it was with a great deal of uncertainty, yet a sense of purpose.

The newspaper we put out that afternoon was one to be proud of.

And I’m pleased to say our tradition continues.

Today, on the anniversary of that horrible day, the Daily Mail was honored by the Newseum.

The Newseum often has themes for its Top 10 front pages feature. Today’s was for newspapers that successfully combined coverage of the 9-11 anniversary with President Obama’s national address about Syria.

Here’s what The Newseum said:

Today’s front pages offered a fascinating juxtaposition of two major news stories: President Barack Obama’s speech on the possibilities of diplomacy and force with Syria, and the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The pairing of these stories offers quite a lot of food for thought on a day that encourages us to “never forget.”


Congratulations to Daily Mail news editor Ashlee Maddy, who designed the page, freelance photographer T.J. Lawhon, who took the photograph of the memorial in Barboursville, and graphic artist Kevin Cade, who designed the “Always Remember” package above the nameplate.

Here’s a Daily Mail editorial published today, “September 11 is a day for us never to forget.”