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Watch while we talk with Charleston council candidates

Monday, January 26, 2015

For many years, Charleston Daily Mail editors have met with candidates for state and local offices to discuss issues and to consider political endorsements. This is not an uncommon practice for newspapers, of course. Most do this in some form or another.

We're getting out of the office. It's pretty exciting.

We’re getting out of the office. It’s pretty exciting.

A few years ago, we got the bright idea that we’d live blog our candidate meetings for citizens who wanted to follow along wherever they might be. Then we added a little Logitech camera for livestreaming. The image is so-so and the sound isn’t much better, but at least you can see what we’re doing and get some impression of the candidates.

Now, with Charleston municipal elections upon us, editorial page editor Kelly Merritt got another bright idea: to get out of the office and into the community.

So for some of our meetings, we’re heading over to DigiSo: “West Virginia’s first co-working initiative for digital entrepreneurs, start-ups, innovators and creative industry professionals.”

DigiSo’s location is on Charleston’s West Side, so that’s where we’re meeting Charleston City Council candidates who seek to represent West Side wards.

DigiSo is helping us stream those sessions, so expect the production quality to be better than what we’re used to providing.  (We’ll probably be back to our own office and back to the little Logitech camera and Snowball microphone for future meetings, so don’t get too accustomed to higher production values.)

If you’d like to follow along, head over to reporter Matt Murphy’s County Courthouse, City Hall blog. 

Our sessions will begin about noon, although we sometimes run slightly late if we’re making warmup conversation or waiting on someone to arrive.

Here’s the schedule and candidates who may attend:

Jan. 27 Wards 1, 2, 3 — Jones, Slater, Claar, Kirk, Deneault, Overstreet, Nguyen, Lee *

Jan. 28 Ward 5 — Nichols, Ashworth, Cooke Faegre, Bonar *

Feb. 2 Ward 6 — Marlowe, Seabolt, Talkington, Farrell *

Feb. 3 Ward 7 — Chestnut, Knauff, Hawk, Kerns, Williamson *

Feb. 10 Ward 10 — Hightower, Steele **

Feb. 12 Ward 12 — Salisbury, Jenkins **

Feb. 18 At large Republicans — Lane, Johnson, Hoblitzell **

Feb. 24 At large Democrats — Davis, Richardson, Ware, Ireland, Ceperley, Ballard, Henderson, Sheets **

Feb. 25 Mayor — Jones, Scott, Thompson, Monroe ***

* Location at DigiSo

** Location TBD, likely at Charleston Newspapers HQ

*** Location TBD, maybe back at DigiSo








Charley West staff taste-tests the water

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Like other segments of Kanawha Valley society, members of the Charleston Daily Mail staff are divided on their use of the local water, which — as you might have heard — was contaminated Jan. 9 when a coal-cleaning chemical seaped into the river that feeds the water plant.

Some members of our staff recently started drinking the tap water again a few weeks after the all-clear was given.

Others still don’t trust it, not even for bathing or laundry.

Multimedia reporter Marcus Constantino toured the West Virginia American Water plant this week and came back with samples of the water, straight from the plant. He and others from the staff decided to taste it. They put up the results live on the Internet.

My own feeling is, the water might be fine coming right from the plant but I’m still not too sure about what’s in the pipes and lines. I absentmindedly took a swig from the water fountain at work the other day. Let me tell you, it would not pass a taste test. It was weird.
I haven’t smelled anything funny in the water at home for several weeks but we still have the bottled version. We’re just not there yet in terms of trust.

What about you? Are you drinking the water yet?