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Grover Norquist talks taxes with the Charleston Daily Mail editorial board

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grover Norquist, whose name is synonymous with no-tax pledges, visited The Charleston Daily Mail editorial board.

Although taxes were a big part of what Norquist discussed, on the accompanying video he begins with a run-down of his time at Harvard.

4 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [2]There was a lively and humorous discussion prior to the start of the video about Norquist’s visit to Burning Man. But I wasn’t sure if that talk was just pre-meeting chitchat or an actual part of his talk with us, so I didn’t hit record. Too bad.

Norquist was in Charleston to talk with conservative state legislators and to talk to editorial boards like ours. (If you got here from Google and aren’t familiar with the paper, our editorial page is fiscally conservative.)

Present for the discussion were me (Brad McElhinny, the editor), opinions editor Kelly Merritt, business editor Jared Hunt and editorial writer and columnist Don Surber.

Here’s a lively 41-minute discussion:

Ethane cracker, the WV economy and Tom Witt

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tom Witt, retired economics professor at West Virginia University, stopped by the Charleston Daily Mail this week to discuss the development potential of an ethane cracker with members of the editorial board.

Tom_Witt_Informal_Head_September_2006Witt is now professor of economics emeritus at WVU and also now owns his own economics consulting business. Witt put together a study estimating the economic impact of a cracker, a big plant that takes the raw natural gas material and breaks it down into secondary components that go on to be used in the chemical industry.

He’s been on a bit of an ethane cracker barnstorming tour the past few days, starting with an appearance in Parkersburg, the potential epicenter of WV ethane cracker development. Witt then told WV legislators a cracker could  create more than 2,000 permanent jobs and a $2 billion impact on the region’s economy in coming years.

The big issue seems to be infrastructure. A big new pipeline would be needed to get natural gas from regional wells to the cracker plant. How the pipeline would be developed remains to be seen. Public-private partnership is one possibility.

Witt sat down with Daily Mail editors including editorial page editor Kelly Merritt, editorial writer/ columnist Don Surber and myself to discuss these issues. His appearance resulted in this editorial, supporting the cracker’s development in Wood County.

Here’s what Professor Witt had to say when he came by: