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Remembering Sept. 11, and the Newseum’s Top 10

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Sept. 11, 2001, the Daily Mail was still an afternoon newspaper, so when the first plane hit the Twin Towers that morning, our staff jumped into action.

If you remember, no one knew what was happening at first — or how widespread the attacks were. The second plane hitting the Twin Towers and then the plane that hit the Pentagon only drove in the confusion and anxiety.

So when local reporters like me were dispatched to tall buildings, government offices, the airport, chemical plants or anywhere else we could imagine there might be an attack it was with a great deal of uncertainty, yet a sense of purpose.

The newspaper we put out that afternoon was one to be proud of.

And I’m pleased to say our tradition continues.

Today, on the anniversary of that horrible day, the Daily Mail was honored by the Newseum.

The Newseum often has themes for its Top 10 front pages feature. Today’s was for newspapers that successfully combined coverage of the 9-11 anniversary with President Obama’s national address about Syria.

Here’s what The Newseum said:

Today’s front pages offered a fascinating juxtaposition of two major news stories: President Barack Obama’s speech on the possibilities of diplomacy and force with Syria, and the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The pairing of these stories offers quite a lot of food for thought on a day that encourages us to “never forget.”


Congratulations to Daily Mail news editor Ashlee Maddy, who designed the page, freelance photographer T.J. Lawhon, who took the photograph of the memorial in Barboursville, and graphic artist Kevin Cade, who designed the “Always Remember” package above the nameplate.

Here’s a Daily Mail editorial published today, “September 11 is a day for us never to forget.”


Great catch! You get the fish!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

We hate to make mistakes, although they certainly do happen sometimes.

Last week, for example, we accidentally had two versions of the same court briefs written in different ways — and they both got in the paper. That was my fault. I proofed the page they were on and totally missed the similarities.


At least sometimes we give readers a chance to question whether we’re awake. But we really do try to catch these things. It’s just that we’re usually trying to process a large amount of information all at once in an environment that’s more like a police dispatch center than a library — all on a daily deadline.

That’s why we have the fish.

Everybody needs a motivational tool, and the fish is ours. Actually, it’s more of a reward — a wooden fish that goes to the person who makes a big catch.

The fish made its debut under the reign of Becky Calwell, who was our news editor for many years. She got it from her husband Ben and brought it to the newsroom.

Becky Calwell

Becky Calwell

That fish once belonged to Ben Calwell. I brought it to work to give out to the copy editor who made the “best catch.” I’m sure I stole that idea from someone. I went to a copy editing conference one time in Baltimore. Maybe that is where I got the idea. I’m not sure how we decided who received it, but we all recognized a really big catch—something that would have been really embarrassing or even libelous had it gotten in the paper. I never really liked when it was staring at me either!

The fish reward has continued under our current news editor, Ashlee Maddy.

Ashlee Maddy

Ashlee Maddy

Becky bequeathed him to copy desk when she left, so we could continue the tradition. The winner of the best catch displays him on their desk until the next best catch, at which point we say, “Great catch! You get the fish!” I also find his appearance slightly creepy, but love what he represents.

At the moment, the fish resides on the desk of Whitney Humphrey, who caught a typographical error so small I could barely see it.
Good eyes! You get the fish!