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Merry Christmas from Charley West

Monday, December 22, 2014

This is our beautiful office Christmas tree.



Charley West Band Fest

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

majWe’re happy to be celebrating the 68th Annual Charleston Daily Mail Kanawha County Band and Majorette Festival.

And now that we’ve said that entire mouthful of a phrase, it’s time for the 69th!

Just kidding.

We’re proud to be a sponsor of this great, longstanding community event. If you want some context for tonight’s festival, here’s a fun story about Taylor Freeland, last year’s Miss Majorette, who is now a feature twirler with Marshall University’s Marching Thunder, which will be performing tonight. And the Daily Mail has a former intern, Jozy Mendez, performing with Marshall’s band too.

Meanwhile, some of us will be providing updates from the festival. Follow along below!

Live Blog Charley West Band Fest

What should our newspaper’s Everyman and woman name their cat?

Friday, February 28, 2014

This year, the Charleston Daily Mail is celebrating its 100th anniversary. And one way the newspaper likes to celebrate is to bestow a new animal upon the household of Charley West and his long-suffering wife Ginny, the illustrated punsters who comment on each day’s news.

A trip back to Charleston Beautiful, 1932

Monday, October 7, 2013

Now this was community engagement.

It’s billed as the first sound movie created in Charleston, WV. The film, “Charleston Beautiful,” was produced in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, and presented by the Kearse Theatre and The Charleston Daily Mail. For some reason the name of the newspaper appears in quotes.

The film was posted on YouTube by Jerry Waters and is getting new attention thanks to an appearance on the Revivalist blog.

It depicts Charleston as it was in August, 1932 — different in so many ways, yet also very much the same.


The film came to my recent attention thanks to Charleston lawyer and forward-thinker Bob Coffield. He had some ideas about how we might produce something similar as a snapshot of where Charleston is right now:

As I have thought about the 1932 film over the past week I have an idea for a project for FestivALL Charleston. I would like to bring together a team to re-film the 1932 film using the same shots, stories, and people (if we could find the babies). Would love to see a 2013 version of the Baby Walk. Maybe the Charleston Daily Mail would again be the “presented by . . .” The films could then be shown together at FestivALL.

Good idea?

At the Daily Mail Kanawha County Band & Majorette Festival

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tonight I’ll be taking part in a newspaper institution — The Daily Mail Kanawha County Majorette & Band Festival.

bandfestThe Daily Mail has sponsored the event for ages — in fact, tonight’s is the 67th festival — and the editor or a representative attends as an ambassador. I have to admit I am not a “band geek,” and I have only attended this festival once before, many years ago. Still, I enjoy tradition and am looking forward to participating in a non-musical, non-marching capacity.

The newspaper has already been touting the festival with stories, plus photos of the participants. We’ll have full coverage tomorrow, including great pictures of all of the participating Kanawha County bands plus the Pride of WestVirginia, West Virginia University’s marching band.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to get some video live from the event. I’m not a video genius, so the sound and the visuals might be a little off. Still, check back after 6:30 tonight and see for yourself. (Before I take fresh video at the festival, the widget will display older and unrelated content — and likewise if you are reading this post in the future, the widget will likely move on to new video.)

Or better yet, go to the festival! It’s at Laidley Field, starting at 6:30.