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Life and times of a Charleston Daily Mail intern

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for a newspaper?


Jozy Mendez’s future is very bright. Or maybe that’s just the glare from the windows.

Every summer, we give a couple of college students a chance to find out — which is a very good thing because the students have set journalism as a career goal. We don’t have them just come in and observe. We put them to work. They conduct interviews, write stories and get bylines in the newspaper, just like a full time reporter.

One of our interns this summer, Marshall student Jozy Mendez, is keeping a blog about her experiences. Jozy is originally from North Carolina, is pursuing degrees in both journalism and music, plays in Marshall’s marching band and served last spring as copy editor for The Parthenon, Marshall’s student newspaper.

We threw her right into the deep end and she came away with a front page story on her first day of work. She seemed a little surprised by that. Check in on how her summer is going by navigating to her blog, Life and Times of a Charleston Daily Mail Intern.

Recognition for reflecting on the WV water crisis

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Well done to Charleston Daily Mail multimedia reporter Marcus Constantino, who has been recognized for his compilation of a useful and interesting interactive timeline of the WV water contamination.


Marcus Constantino

The timeline, which Marcus compiled using a program called Timeline JS, organized news links, photos, videos, social media and reports — making it one-stop-shopping for people who want to look back at what 300,000 of us went through this past winter.

The project won a monthly award from Digital First Media for April for the region including West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Journalists from other Digital First Media publications judge the work. Here is what one judge said:

The timeline compilation provided a clean and clear path through what otherwise would have been a daunting array of reporting for someone unfamiliar with the story. I feel that I journeyed from the position of ignorant visitor to an interested and affected local following the trail of stories, reading about the incident as it unfolded. Great work from the reporters gathering the information, writing solid stories, shooting helpful and informative video.

Another judge said:

They say journalism is the first draft of history, and the Daily Mail’s interactive timeline of the chemical leak provides a comprehensive document of a significant community and statewide event. There’s photo, video, links to previous news stories and primary source documents, all presented in an easy-to-follow, visually appealing format. That is no small feat, given the amount of information packed into the timeline. Readers get a sense of how events unfolded over the course of particular days and over the course of weeks and of both the immediate impacts and the long-term policy implications as the state tries to get more regulatory control over this industry. This is a true community service that uses the digital techniques to their full capacity.

This was the third month in a row that Daily Mail staff has won this award. Staff won in January for overall coverage of the water contamination, and then staffers Billy Wolfe and Matt Murphy won in February for their project to distribute abandoned photos from Lindsay’s photo studio back to people in our community.






Help us help our website get better

Friday, May 2, 2014

If you’re a regular visitor to, you’ve probably recognized some changes recently.

We’ve rolled out a new site, but it hasn’t been completely smooth.

puterSome articles haven’t appeared in the proper locations (and some articles from the entirely wrong publication have appeared.) The navigation has been kind of challenging. And RSS feeds have been works in progress.

This is not exactly what we’d hoped.

Still, there have been some improvements.

People seem to like the fact that articles now appear on one page instead of making you click to the next page to keep reading.

And we are making progress on making our stories adjust to whatever size screen you are on.

What else needs to improve? Do you see other glitches I haven’t mentioned? (Some glitches are just us on our end as we learn to use the system.)

Thank you for your patience.