He’s Mr. Multimedia

March 17, 2014 by Brad McElhinny

Marcus Constantino is a can-do kind of guy. You might see his work in the form of stories, photo or video. He received praise recently for his compilation of an interactive, multimedia timeline from the West Virginia water contamination.

Marcus is a December graduate of Marshall University and grew up in the Bluefield area. He was an intern here at the Daily Mail in 2012, when he showed similar ability to tell stories in a variety of ways. Keep looking for his name because you never know what kind of story it might show up on. Here’s a little bit more about him:

marcusName:  Marcus Constantino

Lives in: Belle, W.Va.

Hometown: Bramwell, W.Va.

Position at the Daily Mail:  Multimedia reporter

Graduated from: Marshall University

With a degree in: Online Journalism

Twitter handle: @amtino

1. What was your first job? Part-time radio station weekend guy. I mostly worked the soundboard during WVU games and NASCAR races, but nudged myself on air whenever I could.

2. What made you want to become a journalist? I designed a website for my high school newspaper (check it out – go Beavers! http://bhs.merc.k12.wv.us/beavervoice ) when I was in 10th grade. I was already interested in photography at the time, so the newspaper website gave me an outlet for my photos, motivation to get better at it, and naturally led me into storytelling through words, too.

3. What do you like most about your job? Traveling to different parts of my beautiful state and meeting interesting characters and hearing great stories.  The least? Breaking news that hits RIGHT when I’m about to get off of work.

4. What do you do in your spare time? Photography (especially sports), and occasional work on the radio.

5. What’s your favorite journalistic effort you’ve produced? An 18-minute video documentary on the international student experience at Marshall University. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y8MD6_RLLU

biebs6. Name a personal item that is or will be on your desk: A talking Justin Bieber action figure, given to me by Brad McElhinny when I completed my summer 2012 internship at the Daily Mail (he’s been to the Great Wall of China! https://twitter.com/amtino/status/358218661028319232)

7. Your favorite blog you read or Twitter feed you follow: @Gizmodo

8. What’s your TV show? Book? Family Guy. The Rocket Boys.

9. What’s your favorite place in West Virginia? The New River Gorge Bridge.

10. What’s one newsroom quirk you were surprised about? The availability of large exercise balls as desk chairs.


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