Doonesbury revisited and revisited and revisited and revisited

February 17, 2014 by Brad McElhinny

We took a bit of criticism (and also got some praise) for dropping ‘Doonesbury’ from our comics lineup last fall.

doonesburyThere were a couple of reasons: Doonesbury was among our most expensive comics, and it had been on a lengthy hiatus as Garry Trudeau focused on a new comedy for Amazon’s digital offerings. The cost-benefit just wasn’t adding up any more.

Now comes word that ‘Doonesbury’ is going on long-term hiatus.

It seems the strip will still be available — but as reruns. Here’s the notification that editors like me got from the syndicate that distributes the strip:

As the anticipation builds leading up to Garry Trudeau’s return to the origins of “Doonesbury,” we’ve had many requests for a statement from Trudeau to help editors introduce the “Classic Doonesbury” comics to their readers, who will begin seeing these strips on March 3. Here’s what he had to say:

“Welcome to ‘Classic Doonesbury.’ In selecting the strips for this retrospective journey, we’re going deep, literally back to Day One. Revisiting four weeks of strips from every year of syndication, I hope to hit many ‘Doonesbury’ high points, focusing on how the characters (over 75 of them) got involved with one another. Since their lives have always been bound up in the events of the day, it should be a kind of déjà vu for my peers, and maybe a ‘What were you people thinking?’ for newer readers. I hope all of them will enjoy the trip.”

I know all of us here at Universal Uclick are looking forward to winding back the clock and returning to the big house by Walden Puddle where we first met Mike, Mark, B.D., Zonker, Joanie and the whole gang.




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