Pseudoephedrine and the editorial board

January 21, 2014 by Brad McElhinny

Members of the Charleston Daily Mail editorial board met with community members who want to make it so people suffering from colds would need a prescription for drugs with pseudoephedrine — a key ingredient in meth.

The Daily Mail’s editorial page has been reluctant to get behind this prescription-only effort.

Former W.Va. Sen. Dan Foster, a Democrat from Kanawha County who has headed up a drug abuse task force, gently took issue with an editorial that embraced most of the group’s findings — but found exception with its behind-the-counter Sudafed plank.

Foster also referenced a Daily Mail news story based on a poll that found most West Virginians against such prescription-only measures. Foster said the story was misleading with questions meant to steer respondents in that direction.

He came to the Daily Mail office along with Dr. Brad Henry, a physician in Charleston, as well as Detective Clark Green and Lt. Eric Johnson of the Metro Drug Unit.

Only Foster and Henry are in the video frame (the limits of a mounted webcam) but you can hear everybody. Present for the Daily Mail were me (editor Brad McElhinny), editorial page editor Kelly Merritt, editorial writer and columnist Don Surber and capitol reporter Whitney Burdette (Here’s the story Whitney wrote).

Worth noting is that these sessions are not as organized as TV news roundtables. They’re just conversations about the issues — and sometimes wander off track. Here’s the session if you’d like to see it, but beware that it lasted an hour.


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