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Minter is coming on board, we think

Did hear from an official source that Rick Minter has been offered the job as defensive coordinator, which wouldn’t be a bad catch for Mark Snyder. The deal is not final, I am told.

The offensive coordinator post should be filled in about a week, I am told, perhaps coinciding with or just after signing day.

Later tonight, I’ll chime in a little bit about Marshall’s much-needed win over Tulsa…

In response to James’ comment, it looks more and more like Bernard Morris will get drafted. I saw one projection that he might go in Round 6, but stay tuned … we haven’t even gotten to the Combine yet.

B. Morris heading to Combine

While I await a chat from Donnie Jones, here’s a little tidbit: Bernard Morris is headed to the NFL Combine. Not a big surprise, but he continues to stick it in his detractors’ collective ear … I’m trying to see if Doug Legursky is getting a Combine invite, and he needs one. One projection I saw has him going in the 7th round, much lower than we were looking at way back in the preseason.

Still flabbergasted over MU-WVU

OK … the Herd has Robbie Jackson and Jesse Oglesby on the floor at the same time and it has a chance to beat WVU. Even with WVU’s wretched free-throw shooting, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Donnie Jones has had a very, very impressive week. Without Markel Humphrey, the Herd really shouldn’t have beaten UAB, even at home.

Some thoughts that may creep into print in some form, in the days and weeks ahead:

  • I wondered if Adam Williams’ defensive specialist role was a one-time thing for UAB. Wrongo… Question is, who does he chase Saturday night at Houston? Those guys really like to yack it up!
  • Don’t bust on Williams too much over Da’Sean Butler’s game-winning basket. He had to worry about Butler taking it to the rim, not to mention the officials.
  • There were 52 fouls called by the itchy-whistled officiating crew. If you get the guys who called the MU-UAB game, you get half that. Trust me — that was a 40-minute rugby scrum.
  • One thing about Jesse Oglesby, who played a whopping 13 minutes: He’ll give it a go defensively. And when he fouls you, you’re going to know it.
  • I still think Darryl Merthie can end up being very, very good. Still capable of an ugly turnover or hideous miss, but the man can create havoc on the way to the hoop. His development is a good test for Jones and his staff (most notably, Brett Nelson).
  • If you’re wondering why Oglesby got all that late time instead of Jean Francois Bro Grebe, I point to Bro Grebe’s first time on the floor. He looked very lost on defense on two WVU possessions.
  • I feel sorry for the fans who had to exit through the Civic Center lobby. A little ice-melting material goes a long way there. Thankfully, I’m about the last person out of the building and I never have to worry about traffic.

Markel Humphrey out vs. UAB

First a note to the very few reading this … we haven’t completely rolled out the makeover of our Web site, so I won’t be diving into the blogs just yet.

In any event… Markel Humphrey will not be playing Saturday against UAB, I understand. And I’m not surprised — I actually have experience with foot injuries, perhaps not the stress fracture he was developing, but I did fracture my fifth metacarpal once upon a time. The point: Those things heal on their schedule, not yours. I figured that at some point, Markel needed rest.

O.J. Murdock, UAB basketball

No, the two subjects are not related.

First, a few words on the commitment reported by Orenthal James Murdock of Tampa. And yes, that’s his full name, as seen on the online court documents.

As referred to previously, Murdock may still be at South Carolina if not for his alleged scheme to pilfer $400 worth of goodies from a Tampa-area Macy’s, with the help of his girlfriend, who worked there. Both were charged with third-degree grand theft, but the cases have been resolved with a pre-trial intervention program, documents show.

But here is something that bugs me a little: The young lady’s case was resolved a lot quicker than Murdock’s… There were some twists and turns to his case, which included a failure to appear or two a capias and a retracted capias, etc. Now, college kids can step into some doggie doo along the way, but the quickest way out includes making it to the courthouse on time!

My other concerns are football-related: He hasn’t seen much game action since graduating from Tampa’s Middleton High. He was redshirted in 2005, caught one pass at South Carolina at 2006 before his suspension and caught six balls in just three games for Pearl River Community College in Mississippi last fall. Have his skills eroded?

I have been told by an MU official that Mark Snyder is loading up on juco recruits to help even out his classes. But this looks like a dice roll from a 12-23 coach. Cross your fingers, Herd fans.

On to basketball, where the Herd plays East Carolina tonight. Looking ahead to the home opponent Saturday, UAB, there will be two changes for the Blazers: (1) Walter Sharpe is gone for the season due to academics and (2) Georgia transfer Channing Toney debuts tonight against Southern Miss. Toney is a hometown product and son of former NBA player Andrew Toney.

The loss of Sharpe, who hasn’t played since UAB beat Kentucky, is going to sting the Blazers. He was an inside force, and owns the league high with 17 rebounds in a game against Rhode Island. The bodes a little better for Tirrell Baines and MU’s inside game.

OK, I am back in the blogosphere…

And feeling a little disoriented … I’ve been off for nearly a week for parental duties, though I managed to break away for the Marshall-Memphis game.

I have received some good news from the MU camp: Apparently, Darryl Merthie’s ankle isn’t sprained that badly and he should be alive and well for the East Carolina game on Wednesday night. With Taurean Marshall out indefinitely, the Herd can ill afford to lose another point guard.

I hope some of the regulars who have spiced up the former blog will return. Today’s topic: How dissatisfied are you about the Herd basketball program’s TV situation?