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Hamrick on Buckeye tickets

Just got off the horn with the AD, Mike Hamrick, and he’s a little bit caught off guard by the Columbus Dispatch asssertion that Marshall received 4,000 tickets and returned 1,000. He says MU didn’t return any.

Here’s what he tells me: The ticket office requested just over 3,000 and sold them all. Neither Hamrick nor his ticket manager know where the 4K figure came from. … is that what Ohio State typically offers Big Ten  foes, or ????

Here’s the part where I could have a beef: You had to be a $600 donor to buy those tickets. For some reason, I had a lower threshold in my mind.

Hamrick did  say several donors upped their donation to meet that threshold. … In any event, I am disappointed there won’t be more green in Columbus.