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Herd in the NFL Draft

A roundup of analyses of Herd prospects in the NFL:

Darius Marshall, on His grade is 2.6, and notice the glaring factual error in the analysis.
Albert McClellan rates the baseline 2.0, which surprises me. His lack of size and a few other things work against him.

The grades go as high as 8.8. In Conference USA, the tops are:
Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU, 5.8
Torrell Troup, DT, UCF, 5.3
Jeremy Williams, WR, Tulane, 5.0
Joseph Linval, DT, East Carolina, 4.5
C.J. Wilson, DE, East Carolina, 3.6

If Wilson has indeed muscled up to 290 lbs. without a drop in speed, I am duly impressed. … He was a top bench-presser at the Combine, with 32 reps of 225 lbs.

You’ll need “insider” to access what Scouts Inc ( thinks of Marshall and McCllellan.
Marshall is rated a 32, the low end of “borderline draft prospects.” He is ranked 25th among running backs, is rated above average in production and below average in size and intangibles (there’s a shock).

McClellan is rated a 30, the top end of free agent candidates. He is ranked 34th among defensive ends, and his 40-yard dash at the Combine probably contributed — 4.81. His 20-yard shuttle was 4.21, not far off a position-best 4.16.

Cody Slate also gets a 30 ranking, though the scouting report misses his torn ACL. He is 26th among tight ends, and he gets criticized for ball skills and blocking.

Another observation: It would be nice to see that service get out of 2004 and put Marshall in the right conference.

I may add more later … but an early guess? Marshall might be picked about where Ahmad Bradshaw went a few years ago, 250th overall.