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Two games on Channel 3

Day Two of the Hamrick administration and we have two games on WSAZ, Channel 3: The BG game at home and the roadie to UTEP. Keith Morehouse is back in the saddle, with John Gregory for the first game and Sonny R. coming back for the season finale.

As the only media member to call Bob Marcum out on the television issue, I have to say it’s tough to refrain from snickering. Give Mike Hamrick his first checkmark.

One response to Marcum Q&A

You may have been interested in Marcum telling me about how Kansas State clears its stadium lot of tailgaters who don’t have tickets.

Or … do they?

The story drew this e-mail from a K-State fan. I have copied all but his name, etc., but I will assure you this was not anonymous. He signed his name, place of employment, address and phone number. It follows:

*** begin e-mail ****


I am a 33 year Kansas State season ticket holder. I ran across your Q & A article while looking for articles on Kansas State and was surprised to see this quote.

MARCUM: But you know what? They’re still out there. And you go to a place like Kansas State, 10 minutes before kickoff their [patrol] trucks come up through the parking lot; tailgating’s over. OK? But then after the ballgame, there’s a half hour and then another two-hour period, so it’s 21/2 hours, before the trucks show up again. Doing it before the game lets people know that if you don’t have a ticket to the game, you aren’t hanging out in the parking lot.

SMOCK: So they actually clear those people out of the parking lot.

MARCUM: Yeah. When the word finally gets around, you’d better have a ticket if you want in the parking lot.

I don’t know much about Bob Marcum except for that he is the current Marshall AD and was the AD at the University of Kansas from 1978 to 1982. I suppose it is possible that what he said was true at some point, although I doubt it as very few people came to K-State games at that time.

I cannot say with certainty that there is not a policy regarding people being required to have tickets to remain in the parking lot, but I just do not believe that to be true. I The reality is that in order to get a parking spot (at least on the side that I park) you have have season tickets and make a donation at a specific level. Certainly that donor could bring fans who do not have tickets but want to enjoy the atmosphere but just hanging around the parking lot, but am not at all aware of a patrol truck requiring people to show a ticket or even limiting the time for tailgating after the game.

You may want to confirm that through the the K-State ticket office, but I honestly do not think that is accurate at all. (I should expect that from a former KU AD! ;-))

FYI, I went to the K-State-Marshall game in Huntington a few years ago and, hands down, from my experience, the Marshall fans are tied with the aTm fans as the most cordial hosts of a football game.

***** end e-mail.

This could well end up in my Monday column, the

Interim AD, Dobson update

I’ve been off today, but heard about the appointment of David Steele as interim AD. He’s plenty capable of keeping the operation rolling until the new guy comes in, that’s for certain.

The question is: What about Jeff O’Malley? From what I can gather, Dr. Kopp wasn’t knocking Marcum’s chief of staff, and he may be a candidate for the permanent job.

But, boyyyyyyyy, the late timing — 4:30 p.m. today — is interesting, indeed. I am not sure this has happened before at MU, save for the naming of the interim AD in 1970. A very different circumstance, for certain.

Up in Canton: Aaron Dobson had two catches for 38 yards, including a 27-yard TD strike in the USA’s 55-0 evisceration of Mexico. Next up is the gold medal game against Canada, 1 p.m. Sunday.

In case there was doubt …

Bob Marcum is indeed wrapping up his 7 years at Marshall.