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One addendum to Monday column

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If you take the names I mentioned this morning as an all-inclusive list, you’re really fooling yourself. For instance, if Hamrick can even get Charlie Strong interested, I certainly wouldn’t object.

Strong may be good enough to enter head coaching at a good BCS job, and I won’t even delve into the financial aspect. Let’s put it this way: If you fancy yourself a big donor and Hamrick throws this or a few other certain names at you, get your checkbook and start writin’.

I hope everybody takes what they may hear with a grain of salt, because I am. Hamrick is really, really going to keep this close to the vest.

Two games on Channel 3

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Day Two of the Hamrick administration and we have two games on WSAZ, Channel 3: The BG game at home and the roadie to UTEP. Keith Morehouse is back in the saddle, with John Gregory for the first game and Sonny R. coming back for the season finale.

As the only media member to call Bob Marcum out on the television issue, I have to say it’s tough to refrain from snickering. Give Mike Hamrick his first checkmark.